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We leverage platform engineering to boost efficiency and fuel growth, providing our clients a clear competitive edge in delivering software, data, and AI initiatives.

Accelerating Organizations With Platform Engineering

At CECG, we accelerate businesses by embedding speed, security, and scalability into self-service Core capabilities that are offered directly to software engineers.

Through successful platform engineering, companies can focus the majority of their resources on their primary business functions, significantly reducing costs and overheads typically incurred with infrastructure management.

Technology is a key component for getting platform engineering right but the true benefits are only realized when combine with clear strategy, efficient execution and deep domain expertise. At CECG it’s never just about the tech find out more …

Helping Our Clients Get Ahead

We are dedicated to helping our clients deliver value at scale. We meet our client’s unique challenges with a range of Core solutions.

At CECG, Core is our manifesto-adjective to focus on:

  • Creating Self-Service Capabilities
  • Offered To Engineers Who Are The Customers
  • Empowering Them To Deliver Business Value Autonomously
  • With Governance And Controls Built-In
  • Fostering Decoupled Teams That Reduce Dependencies

Core Compass

Core Compass is a strategic platform engineering advisory, offering bespoke guidance and expert execution of a tailored roadmap. We enhance your organization’s efficiency and innovation with years of engineering excellence and a proven track record of transformative client outcomes.

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Core Platform

Core Platform is our enterprise-grade developer platform, enabling engineers to develop, deploy, and manage secure, compliant, and scalable software from day one. Ideal for businesses focused on speed and lowering total cost of ownership, it continuously benefits from our latest capabilities and improvements without maintenance or infrastructure costs.

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Core Community

Core Community connects teams of Core Engineers with clients sharing interests and challenges in platform engineering. Subscribers join an exclusive community with access to shared resources, research, and tier-1 engineers. Our pricing provides exceptional value, ensuring accessible membership and continuous growth.

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Strategic Platform Engineering Partner For:
  • Multi-national paid TV broadcasters
  • Multinational retailers
  • OTT Streaming platforms
  • Leading US Cable TV organisations
  • Multinational consumer healthcare companies
  • Broadcast TV and radio networks

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