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Using measurable outcomes, we maximise the ROI from engineering and technology. Working closely with our clients’ executive leadership teams, we are a consultancy that lives Business and fully groks Tech. This allows us to help clients leverage and evolve their engineering departments uniquely.

Bridging Gaps Between

Software and Infrastructure

Having run Kubernetes in production since 0.8, containerization runs in our DNA.

We strive to deliver high-impact problem solving on an immutable and homogeneous infrastructure layer.

We are committed to Open Source and contribute to public repositories including:


Stability and Continuous Delivery

Our Pipeline Strategy mitigates the risks inherent with change using a holistic Shift-Left strategy. This approach aims to embed all dimensions of “production-ready” in a single automated pipeline.

Our Scalable Platform solutions are capable of supporting thousands of engineers using a multi-tenanted, self-serviced Continuous Delivery set-up.

This has allowed our clients to increase their rate of delivery while reducing overall cost of cloud, infrastructure resources and risk.

Business and Technology

Getting the tech right is just a piece of the puzzle and a part of the journey.

We provide Engineering Transformation Leadership to contribute with the right support towards architecture, security and compliance functions at senior stakeholder level.

Our solutions also deliver Data-driven Insights measuring the ROIs on engineering (infrastructure, core teams and tools), measuring the boost in competitive advantage

About CECG

We are a no-nonsense, delivery-focused consultancy that has an in-depth understanding of frontier, bleeding-edge technology at the lowest levels as well as an intimate understanding of business and organisational processes.

The Context

The tech industry has historically been set up to create a clear division between engineers that are responsible for infrastructure and engineers that are responsible for the software. Recent innovations in technology (containerisation) have now wholly disrupted that previous balance.

To fully leverage new capabilities, engineers now need to have an in-depth understanding of both software and infrastructure. Engineers with this joint skill set are very rare in today’s market.

Our Mission

We aim to provide high-impact value by focusing on the hardest infrastructure and software challenges organizations are facing. Often we are brought in to support initiatives that are either struggling or have previously failed, as well as critical greenfield projects.

  • Deliver in-depth technical expertise.
  • Delivery-focused mentality
  • Tangible business interests prioritised
  • High impact problem-solving
  • Fanatical customer support
  • Fanatical relationship development.

Our People

Every engineer in our consultancy has battle-hardened real-world production experience with large cloud and Kubernetes deployments across global organizations.

This maturity allows us to leverage the unique set of skills, insights and pragmatism that can only be gained from “doing”.

We believe we are a consultancy that not only can talk the talk but has ample evidence to show we walk the walk.


Transactions per second

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Using Multi-Tenanted Clusters Concurrently



Running on Multi-Tenanted Clusters

Consulting Services

Focusing on People, Process and Product is key in driving any business forward. A management strategy that deeply understands technology is a powerful tool for creating a true competitive advantage.

Management Consulting

Cloud & Hybrid Transformations

Early Adopter Support

Continuous Deployment

Production Readiness Review

Training & Cross-Skilling

Why Choose Us

The Real Deal

Our team live, eat and breathe cloud, containers and Kubernetes in production on a daily basis. Our experience is far from academic but rather built through diligent and professional production delivery, serving our clients.

Fanatical Support

Our clients success is our success. We focus on client needs, client concerns and client outcomes above our own. We believe this fosters an environment that creates long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

Grok Technology

All our engineers have over 10 years production experience, operating in both cloud and on-premise data center setups. We have extensive experience in both software and infrastructure, creating a unique offering that allows customers to get the most out of every engagement.

Understand Business

We are acutely sensitive to business needs and apply a mature pragmatic approach to prioritize business interests over technological purity without compromising on quality.

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