Who We Are

CECG is a vibrant Platform Engineering, Software Delivery and Cloud Strategy consultancy. We boost product delivery and developer experience through internal development platforms, paved paths and helping our clients improve their ways of working.

What We Do

We Take Responsibility And You Keep Ownership

We are vendor and tool agnostic and work side by side with client teams to jointly make the right technology choices. Continuous knowledge transfer throughout the engagement, ensures client teams feel confident to own and progress solutions independently at the end of projects.

Delivery Focused

We Measure Success With Results

Our focus is on delivery and the best customer satisfaction, without Ivory Towers. We pride ourselves in taking on the hardest problems, and work towards sustainable solutions that have clearly measurable outcomes.

Our People

We Invest In People

We believe that our biggest asset is our people. We have exceptional T-shaped engineers with a broad knowledge across cloud native topics and deep expertise in specialised areas. These are engineers you can rely on. Above all, we value a healthy culture that recognises ideas and contributions, and continuously invests in our people’s growth.