Core SRE (Contract)

About you

We are looking for engineers with battle-hardened real-world production experience, ideally with large cloud deployments.

You have a very good understanding of Data Engineering on GCP including experience with some of:

  • BigQuery
    • Dataflow & Apache Beam
    • Cloud Workflows and Scheduler
    • Cloud Run
    • Pub/Sub
    • Cloud SQL
  • You understand how to implement data lakes and data warehouses
  • You have a very good understanding of the Software Delivery Lifecycle.
  • You have a good understanding of the Infrastructure Delivery Lifecycle.
  • You are a firm believer in “Everything-as-Code”, Immutable Infrastructure and Automation.
  • You are proficient in at least one programming language, e.g. Java, golang, Python
  • You have deep knowledge of Cloud architecture and experience with at least one provider.
  • You have a good grasp of the trade-offs in distributed systems
  • Your communication skills are great. You can articulate a solution to a non-technical audience and you can express your disagreement constructively.
  • You have a consulting mindset or want to develop one.

About the role

We are looking to help clients move their data processing to GCP. You’ll be working on large scale data processing applications while following the best software engineering practices. The role will be hands on engineering, including:

  • Building data processing pipelines
  • Designing the versioning, testing and deployment of data pipelines
    This role does not include any time oncall.

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