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Core Compass is our strategic advisory focused on helping clients leverage platform engineering to improve their Speed, Scalability, Security, whilst reducing Costs

What We Offer

Core Compass: Insights

Core Compass Insights is based on our extensive platform engineering experience. It offers a clear view of the six key areas for success, further divided into detailed sub-categories, ranking them according to the greatest impact potential and their current maturity. These two aren’t always correlated, but this view leaves you with evidence backed knowledge of where you are and the best next steps.

Core Compass: Roadmaps

From vision to action, we collaboratively build roadmaps focused on rolling out early and continual business value across your organization at pace. Core Compass roadmaps balance strategic vision with pragmatism to ensure a well planned delivery.

Core Compass: Delivery

You have three distinct choices to bring your Core Compass roadmap to life:

CECG Delivery

Enjoy peace of mind with a guaranteed outcome as we immerse ourselves in your business reality to deliver the roadmap for you.

Joint Delivery

Working together, our preferred choice. Fostering a long-term relationship built on continuous knowledge transfer, team up-skilling, and enhanced flexibility to evolving business needs.

Client Delivery

Take full control of delivering your roadmap on your own, with the option of arms-length support via our Core Community service.

Success Stories

Hitting The Scalability Limits Of Serverless

CECG joined a GCP project with requirements of 500k TPS, 300ms p95 latency, and 99.9% success. The current system, using Cloud Run and Cloud API Gateway, managed only 150k TPS, with 5% errors and 500ms p95 latency. Costs were high, especially for Cloud API Gateway. CECG’s findings, confirmed by Google, showed DDos protection and poor autoscaling as key issues.

Outcomes: The service was migrated to GKE Autopilot, meeting all non-functional requirements. This project showcased our methodical approach, with tests that remained relevant despite changes in implementation.

Technologies: GCP, Golang, Kubernetes, GKE.

Containerizing And Testing Vendor Products

For a client that we’d help them build their Internal Development Platform (IDP) they had already gained a significant return on investment by migrating in-house applications and started building their new applications with the IDP. The primary issue was black box vendor products with limited to know automated tests.

Outcomes: We helped the client:

  • Containerize applications
  • Write functional and non-functional tests for automated deployments
  • Decommission bespoke hardware, reducing operational overhead.

Technologies: Java, Docker, Kubernetes, EKS.

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