We believe the best learning comes from doing. CECG bootcamps expose engineers to real world problems that would typically take years of working to experience. We believe in our training so much it is the same training that our engineers go through when joining CECG.

Platform Engineering Bootcamp

A guided tour of everything you need to effectively work in a Platform Engineering team focussing on enabling Continuous Delivery for an organisation and building a Kubernetes based Internal Developer Platform. The bootcamp covers:

  • Path to Production: Fast Feedback
  • Path to Production: Extended Verification & Observability
  • Multi Tenant Kubernetes: How to engineer around Kubernetes limitations to build an IDP
  • Platform Engineering with Golang: How to extend Kubernetes
  • Cloud, IaC, and Managed Kubernetes
  • Debugging in Linux, Containers, and Kubernetes
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Expert Software Engineering Bootcamp

A guided tour of everything you need to know to build a complex system aiming for Continuous Delivery. Starting with our two core modules, then going to application architecture for Continuous Delivery in depth.

  • Path to Production: Fast Feedback
  • Path to Production: Extended Verification & Observability
  • Testing strategies for Continuous Delivery
  • Application principles and architecture for CD
  • Effective Programming
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous System Design

Success Story: Platform engineering department expanding with an acquisition

One of our long term clients had recently agreed an acquisition which would involve an influx of engineers not accustomed to their approach to platform engineering. We quickly customised our Platform Engineering Bootcamp, based on their technology stack, and delivered an 8 week bootcamp to 10 engineers. They were then able to integrate seamlessly into the platform engineering department joining specialised teams such as platform security, managed Kubernetes and platform observability.

How does it work?

Customisable for you

All of our bootcamps are a set of modules that can be taken together in our recommended bootcamps or mixed and matched based on your needs. Module customisation means we run the same module with different technologies based on your needs. For example, switching the programming language, changing the CI/CD tool, or which Cloud Provider is used. For custom modules we partner with you to create laser focussed content.

Ways of working

Our bootcamps run as an Agile project so your engineers benefit from best practice industry delivery processes and principles. Daily stand ups, weekly planning and refinement sessions, and interaction with a product owner to nail down requirements and motivation for the work they do.

What’s included

As part of each bootcamp you get:

  • A syllabus based on our extensive experience building complex systems
  • Senior CECG engineer to facilitate the bootcamp day-to-day
  • Principal CECG engineer to review your engineers' work and mentor your engineers
  • Custom learning plans for all your engineers during the bootcamp and a continuous plan for after the bootcamp
  • Access to CECG’s extensive knowledge base on software engineering, platform engineering, site reliability engineering, and continuous delivery
  • Access to the CECG network of engineers via a chat room to ask questions